The Open SAP course on Cloud Integration, Get your own SAP CPI system

Open SAP cpicourse

To today SAP released the new course on Simplify Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, you can signup to learn more about the different products in the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.  I just finished the first week, and I did like the course. 2019-06-05_11-39-21.jpg

The course is hosted by many of the SAP Product Managers for the products, so they have a good understanding of the position of the tool. For the first lesson that was released today, there were sessions to understand what the platform is about and the different component in the suite. If you have not been following what is in the suite of products form ISA-M (method from SAP to understand how you should do integration), Open Connector, Integration Content Advisor (to make it easier to handle B2B communication), and the pre-packaged content, then it is recommendable to go thru the lessons to understand SAPs concepts and thinking of the project. 

Permanent access

SAP has now released CPI in a self-service tenant in Cloud Foundry. So now you can provide a system for your self. Check my latest blog on how to get access to SAP CPI in 5 minutes

It does not give you access to ICA.

System access

The biggest reason for attending the course is that you get access to all parts of the CPI system. 

One thing that I really liked it as a part of the course you can get access to your own CPI Tennant. It has been something that was only possible if you were a partner or an SAP customer and had a license for CPI. Now you have the option to try it out for 30 days or until the course is over. So this will enable you to understand how the platform works.

An even more rare opportunity is that you can also get access to the Integration Content Advisor (ICA). ICA is SAPs Machine Learning tool to handle B2B Mappings. It is normally only possible to access this at SAP Techeds or if you have the Enterprise version of CPI. So it has been difficult really to know what the platform could help with.

There is also an option to access Enterprise Messaging, where you in CPI can make Exactly Once scenarios in CPI. I'm not sure if it will be possible to run with it. 

If you are curious about those tools, signup for the Open SAP course on CPI Suite and try it out. You find the information under week 1 and the System Information tab. 

CPI training

The Open SAP course will give you a good high-level overview of the application and what is possible. If you want good instructions on how to design SAP CPI iflows check out my course at this page. There is two.

  1. Free version, the free version of my SAP CPI course give access to 3 first lessons of my CPI course. You can signup get it here.
  2. Paid 97 EUR( 110 USD) version. This is my full course that teaches you what you need to know to get started with SAP CPI.

I have gotten pretty good feedback from people on the course. That they were able to use the tool while listening to the training. I have focused the training on the things you must know before you can develop and design real scenarios. 



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