First SAP CPI integration

Create your first SAP CPI iflow

In this demostration, I'll show how you can get to create your first SAP CPI flow. 

First you need to get a CPI tenant. In this case, I have used the free trial tenant from SAP but you can also use a normal tenant. See how to get yours in the blog

It can take some days to get your instance running. And deploy the first iflow. In my video I had to abandon one deployment because it took 30 minutes to deploy. So I continued on an existing iflow. 

See the process

  1. Create your CPI instance
  2. Create an iflow, starting by a scheduler
  3. Create modification of with Content Creation
  4. See find the trace information
  5. Create a mock service and see what data is send
  6. Process response


Mock service

To create a simple service I recommend you can read more on the service here

Tools page

You may want to add some tools to SAP CPI, see the blog on 4 four best tools.  CPI helper is a must. The Figaf tools also really useful, but is currently not supported on Cloud Foundry. 

Learn more 

If you liked this video I do have a course that teaches you much more about SAP CPI, so you can start creating your first real integrations. You can read more about the SAP CPI course here.  




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