Create SAP CPI even faster

Bootst SAP CPI Development.png

I do love working in SAP CPI, it helps make some integration and flows a lot easier. 

There are some areas where it would make sense to improve development speed. And this is where an external tool like the Figaf Integration Tool can help.

We have created a number of webinars, but the format was too short to be able to give users a good idea about what was possible to automate. Therefore we created a course that covers the most important aspects of SAP CPI development process. 


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Create mock services to test CPI iflows

Create HTTP mock for SAP CPI (Time 0_00_00;00).jpg

When you are working with SAP CPI it is often a good idea to understand what kind of HTTP request is being sent and what you are getting back. 

I have used some different mocking/logging services over my time. I used but it has not been so stable. The last service I got to try was

The cool thing about mockable is that it enables users to set up sample responses to requests. So if your CPI flow requires a specific response...

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Get your own SAP CPI tenant

Get a SAP CPI system in 5 minutes (Time 0_00_00;00).png

Since the SAP CPI system was the first release as HCI, it was pretty difficult to get access to try out what the tool could do. You could only get it if your where an SAP Partner for a fee or customer and had purchased access. 

It has been one of the biggest requests on my SAP CPI course to get a test system. A few weeks back it was possible to get access to CPI and Integration Content Advisor as a part of the Open SAP Course on CPI.  I did find that it was a shared tenant, that...

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Why XSLT should be a part of every SAP CPI project


Eng Swee posted a post about why you should be using Groovy for your mappings in SAP CPI. I agree Groovy has some really good options in regards to handling some mappings and parsing XML/JSON and create documents from it. XSLT has some really good sides also and if it is not a part of your tool pack then you will not make the ideal mappings. 

He writes about message mapping that is is pretty difficult to grasp and not a lot of people fully understanding it. I agree I have seen many...

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The Open SAP course on Cloud Integration, Get your own SAP CPI system

Open SAP cpicourse.png

To today SAP released the new course on Simplify Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, you can signup to learn more about the different products in the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.  I just finished the first week, and I did like the course. 2019-06-05_11-39-21.jpg

The course is hosted by many of the SAP Product Managers for the products, so they have a good understanding of the position of the tool. For the first lesson that was released today, there were sessions to understand...

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How to automate your SAP CPI change management with Figaf IRT

Figaf CPI CTS transports.png

We have an integrated approach for handling Change Management for SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration aka HCI). In this video (25 minutes) I show how the full application is connected. It is a way to have a central place to manage all your SAP Integration development.

In the video I show how you can get a good change management process for SAP CPI with

  • Full traceability for all modifications made for the development, and linking with business request
  • Ability to view differences between...

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CPI Scheduler that also have a manual processing option

CPI iflow manual and scheduling.png

For some of my CPI flows, I have something that needs to be scheduled. The scheduler should run every hour and process deltas. There can though be problems with the processing or for some reason data about a person should be sent again. It can either be for testing of is something was wrong or to test new functionality. In this post, I'll share a little about how this can be solved as a design.

My goal is to reuse as much of the functionality as possible, so I should not maintain the code in...

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Monitor CPI with SAP Cloud Analytics

Monitor SAP CPI with Cloud analytics (Time 0_00_00;00).jpg

If you are looking for a good way to get an overview of the performance and thruput of your SAP CPI system you may look at SAP Cloud Analytics

In it you can create great visuals on the performance of your SAP CPI instance pretty easy. You can create an dashbaord as the one below. Or probably you can spend some time an create a dashboard that really gives you a good view of what is important.

CPI analytics dashboard.jpg

You can see the steps involved in creating a dashboard for your data in the following...

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SAP CPI documentation

SAP CPI Iflow Documentation.png

Documentation is a critical part of any SAP project. You will need to create some documentation to pass the correct gates in the change management process. 

The templates that I have seen for a lot of SAP Integration documentation have not really given much value, and most of all it did require a lot of manual processes to set it up. The only way is to automate the process, so you can create documentation that reflect what is really in the system. 

At Figaf we have made an attempt...

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Calculating Fibonacci numbers with CPI

Fibonacci FI.png

One of my first university project with functional programming was to figure out how to calculate Fibonacci numbers. It is simple algorithms that recurse thru the values. It can be implemented pretty simple in a number of languages as seen on this blog

The function is as follows.

function F(n)
if n = 0
return 0
if n = 1
return 1
return F(n-1) + F(n-2)


It is a calculation intensive process because of all the recursion happening. If for instance you want to calculate F(15)...

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