Free access to SAP PI/PO and CPI courses

Copy of Figaf Friday PI CPI Courses

Over the last number of years I have been making a number of SAP Integration related courses to teach people I would be doing integration.

The focus of the courses has been too teach how to use SAP Integration and how you would need to use it in real life. Moreover, you can make the right decisions on how to use SAP Integration. I have been using the ways I have been teaching consulting clients how to use the SAP tools.

It has not been a goal to teach you how to pass the certification.…

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Logging on to SAP CPI using SAP users with SSO enabled

Authenticaiton for SAP CPI

Most SAP Integration Suite / CPI is enabling SSO to make it easier to create and manage users. It makes it a lot easier to log in and work on your iflows. 

If you have sent up the connections it also means you cannot use S-Users to login to the systems anymore. But that is not really true. You still have options to login with your s-users. It depends on the system you are using. 

The S-user you are using should have roles on the CPI system you are trying to connect to for those tricks to work.…

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SAP Teched 2020 for SAP Integration

I normally create a blog on some of the most interesting sessions for SAP Teched. And since it is free and online this year there is probably not a way around it. 

My agenda is the following. Many of the sessions run multiply times. 

I'm also hosting a session about how to develop SAP CPI easier with our Gradle plugins

You can signup here

Session Title Session Code Date Start Time Room
Keynote: How SAP Business Technology Platform Empowers Developers EKT100 08-12-2020 1…

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Create a Git repository for your SAP CPI development in 20 minutes

SAP CPI Git repository in 20 minutes

If you want to be good a developing Groovy scripts you need to move out of the SAP CPI “Editor”. It will not enable you to run code the correct way. That is why you need an IDE for making sure you have all the correct tools available. 

Normal developers would be using a Git repository to handle all the requests they have. It enables them to have access to all the required objects needed for any development effort. 

We wanted to make it as simple as possible to use our Git repository. One t…

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SAP CPI Find tomorrows date

Find yesterday in SAP CPI

Once you are developing SAP  CPI integration. One of the things you often want to fetch is tomorrow's date or time 1hour ago. 

Sure integration developers often know the time. It is not like they're are more confused than other people. 

One of the options SAP CPI is giving is the Camel Expressions where you have a limited set of commands you can use. In an SAP CPI context, one of the best overviews is the following on Camel Simple Expression in SAP CPI.

There were some gaps in the time you co…

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Create CPI Service Key to send data to SAP CPI

Create SAP CPI Service keys

In SAP CPI one of the ways you can send payloads to the CPI system is by using a Service Key. The Figaf Tools also leverage this to send test messages. You can also test the service key once you are sending the data normally. 

You can no longer use your own user for it. 

Open your Subaccount that hosts the CPI or Integration suite. Open the Space or create a space in it. Go to Service Market Place in that Space and Find Process Integration Runtime.


Select Create Instance


Select the integ…

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Should you get a SAP CPI Certifications

SAP CPI  Certification

Today I got my SAP CPI certification. I scored 72% on the test so barely passing. I have not tried to study for the certification. So I’m pretty stratified with it. sap-certified-application-associate-sap-cloud-platform-integration.png

I guess it was about time I got it. I have not had an SAP Certification since 2004 that expired years ago.

One of the reasons I wanted to take The certification was to what's to be able to update my course I could help my students take the certifications.

I do have a number of challenges with the certification

  1. It asks question…

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How do undelete a SAP CPI iflow and Package

How to Undelete a SAP CPI Iflow (Time 0_00_00;00)

Yesterday we ran into a problem. 

One of our teammates got to delete the wrong package. You just get a small confirmation that the item should be deleted. I posted the problem on Linkedin and there was a lot op other people that experience the same. 

Updated: 2020-09-03: We now have a much better solution for handling this in the Figaf DevOps Tool. You now have a restore button on the deleted objects tab. You can see how this restore of Iflows and Packages works here

SAP CPI undelete feedback.jpg

I created an issue in…

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How do Debug and manage SAP CPI Groovy scripts

CPIcourse Debug SAP CPI Groovy scripts


Managing your SAP CPI Groovy scripts and getting a good way to develop in them is not a trivial task. In this post, I'm looking at how you can use the Figaf tool to manage the process. 

This post is a cross post from

During my last webinar, I showed how it was possible to take your SAP CPI content and place it in Git repository. From this Git repository, we could create test cases and enable you to debug the scripts. I promised to show how you could get to debug your scripts. Th…

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How to create a SOAP endpoint in SAP CPI

SAP CPI Soap receiver (Time 0_00_00;00)

In this video, you will see how you can create a SOAP endpoint on your SAP CPI system. It is pretty simple to get started with. 

Find or edit a WSDL that you want to expose with the system. 

I'm using to find the S/4 HANA SOAP endpoints, and you need to take create about which direction you take for the integration. 


If you want to learn more SAP CPI with me then take the full course

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