How do undelete a SAP CPI iflow and Package

How to Undelete a SAP CPI Iflow (Time 0_00_00;00).png

Yesterday we ran into a problem. 

One of our teammates got to delete the wrong package. You just get a small confirmation that the item should be deleted. I posted the problem on Linkedin and there was a lot op other people that experience the same. 

Updated: 2020-09-03: We now have a much better solution for handling this in the Figaf DevOps Tool. You now have a restore button on the deleted objects tab. You can see how this restore of Iflows and Packages works here

SAP CPI undelete feedback.jpg


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How do Debug and manage SAP CPI Groovy scripts

CPIcourse Debug SAP CPI Groovy scripts.jpg


Managing your SAP CPI Groovy scripts and getting a good way to develop in them is not a trivial task. In this post, I'm looking at how you can use the Figaf tool to manage the process. 

This post is a cross post from

During my last webinar, I showed how it was possible to take your SAP CPI content and place it in Git repository. From this Git repository, we could create test cases and enable you to debug the scripts. I promised to show how you could get...

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How to create a SOAP endpoint in SAP CPI

SAP CPI Soap receiver (Time 0_00_00;00).png

In this video, you will see how you can create a SOAP endpoint on your SAP CPI system. It is pretty simple to get started with. 

Find or edit a WSDL that you want to expose with the system. 

I'm using to find the S/4 HANA SOAP endpoints, and you need to take create about which direction you take for the integration. 


If you want to learn more SAP CPI with me then take the full course

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FizzBuzz in SAP CPI

FizzBuzz in SAP CPI (Time 0_00_00;22).png

In this post, you can see how it is possible to implement FizzBuzz in SAP CPI. It is by no way useful, the idea is to learn something about the SAP CPI. 

The idea is to count from 1 to 100. If the number is dividable by 3 then write Fizz, If dividable by 5 then write Buzz, and if dividable by both 3 and 5 then write FizzBuzz, otherwise write the name.

You can find tons of explanations in different languages. I wanted to see how SAP CPI works for this purpose. 

If you were to create...

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First SAP CPI integration

Create your first SAP CPI iflow.jpg

In this demostration, I'll show how you can get to create your first SAP CPI flow. 

First you need to get a CPI tenant. In this case, I have used the free trial tenant from SAP but you can also use a normal tenant. See how to get yours in the blog

It can take some days to get your instance running. And deploy the first iflow. In my video I had to abandon one deployment because it took 30 minutes to deploy. So I...

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4 SAP CPI tools to make your day easier

4 SAP CPI tools You should use

In the last few months some new tools have been created that makes it easier to deliver your SAP CPI projects. You can see videos of it here or read the description below.

ConVista-CPI Helper

ConVista CPI helper is a tool, developed by Dominic Beckbauer, that allows you to have much easier access to the functions that you readily need. It is a Chrome Plugin that you can add to your browser from the Chrome Store. The development has been pretty rapid over the last few...

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Using SAP CPI "microservice" to make a XML to PDF converter

XML to PDF (1).png

I had created a video some time ago on the topic of converting XML to PDF, it pop-ups as a video that gets a lot of views. But I'm not really sharing any code and just talking about using Apache FOP for the project. 

I wanted to check out how it was to develop with the Figaf IRT Git addon to make it possible to run all your Groovy development and see how it helped. It did help quite a bit in the process. 

If you want to get an explanation of the process and content then...

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How to learn SAP CPI

Learn SAP CPI.png

SAP CPI is a complex system. There are some areas that you must understand what mean before you start creating your first real project. If not you are going to spend too much time on something that will not help your project. 

I’m all for learning why creating a new project, but I have also run into challenges that I did not know how to solve properly when I started doing SAP CPI projects. 

I have tried to support some developers, that did not really understand important parts...

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Create SAP CPI even faster

Bootst SAP CPI Development.png

I do love working in SAP CPI, it helps make some integration and flows a lot easier. 

There are some areas where it would make sense to improve development speed. And this is where an external tool like the Figaf Integration Tool can help.

We have created a number of webinars, but the format was too short to be able to give users a good idea about what was possible to automate. Therefore we created a course that covers the most important aspects of SAP CPI development process. 


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Create mock services to test CPI iflows

Create HTTP mock for SAP CPI (Time 0_00_00;00).jpg

When you are working with SAP CPI it is often a good idea to understand what kind of HTTP request is being sent and what you are getting back. 

I have used some different mocking/logging services over my time. I used but it has not been so stable. The last service I got to try was

The cool thing about mockable is that it enables users to set up sample responses to requests. So if your CPI flow requires a specific response...

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