How to search for messages in SAP CPI

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We have a flow that spans our SAP PI/PO system and the SAP CPI(HCI) tenant. It would be really useful for users to be able to track how the messages are being processed. It would be nice if we could search on the business document or other values just as in SAP PI. That is not possible yet, but maybe sometime in the future.

So I have found two ways that make the tracking easier. There are the following fields that

Message Id

This is a unique name for each subprocess that is called. It seems...

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Figaf´s SAP CPI course has it all


So, this is a great story, I think! 

Yesterday, I received a message from Joost about converting json to xml on CPI. Because of the time difference, I did not answer him before today. I asked him to elaborate his question, and he replied that he had bought Figaf´s SAP CPI course and found all the answers. 

A message like this makes me very happy, and it confirms that Figaf´s SAP CPI course is very easy to use. 

Do you want to be smart like Joost? Then try...

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Resize Images in SAP CPI for Successfactors

CPI image resizer (1).png

I got a request to make synchronization of profile images from SuccessFactor to Active Directory for a client. Pictures can be uploaded in different sizes in SuccessFactors and it will be deficult to understand if they have the correct sizes for the AD system.

I, therefore, wanted to implement a resize mechanism that allowed users to resize single images to a square size. 

We could not resize the image, but we needed to Crop it so we keep the dimensions of the person. Nobody...

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When the SAP Cloud Platform is down



When working with Cloud Integration much of your work depends on, that the SAP Cloud Platform is working, but where do you check whether or not CPI is down? 

It cloud be SAP API management, SAP CPI or ann other service that does not work at some point.

If you are account owner you may get some information about downtime.

If you are experiancing problem with platform and want to see if it is a known error then just visit this site, when you want an overview: ...

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"Your course is fantastic" - Testimonial from a user four days after buying the course

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Three weeks ago, I released a brand new SAP CPI course. The goal of this course was to allow people to understand how they can create flows more efficient. And to give people a better idea of the basics of building good integration

But one thing is all the ambitions and thoughts I as the developer of the course put into the course. Another and of course much more important thing is what people can take away from the course and start to use in their workflow immediately after...

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What is your current SAP CPI tab

CPI used tabs.png

When working with SAP CPI(Cloud Platform Integration) is it really difficult to understand which system you are on. You may have multiply tabs that look like the following.


How do you ensure that you are not just playing around on the productive system?  And if you have multiply clients it become even more difficult.

I remember long time a go that SAP consultants had the productive instance red, that whey they knew not to mess around it.

I can see that the Tab Modifier is a good way to...

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