Do you want do be able to create iFlows in a more efficient way? Do you want to optimize your workflow, while working with SAP Cloud Platform Integration? Do you want to leave your competitors behind? 

Then Figaf SAP CPI Course is something for you! 

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Get the first three lessons for free!

If you watch the first three lessons (with a total length of 45 minutes) of Figaf´s SAP CPI course you will get an introduction to the concept behind SAP CPI. You will learn how to create better iFlows and how to use CPI to improve your workflow. In other words, you will be able to plan the way you work in a much more efficient way. This free package contains the following modules:
1: Introduction Give you an understanding of what the CPI look like
2: First iFlow Create your first integration flow
3: Basic Operations How to monitor your CPI system

Including how to get your own SAP CPI Trail system

Start learning with Figaf´s SAP CPI course for free

If you like the content, you can consider taking the full course, which consists of 15 lessons and some bonus material. The price of the full course is only 97 euro. 

You will learn from Daniel Graversen an SAP Integration veteran. Daniel have worked with SAP Integration from 2004 on all the different platforms and have create courses for SAP PI/PO and CPI. He has been mentoring developers on how to make better code.

Daniel have been an SAP Mentor for 10 years and have helped sharing best practices about SAP Integration.